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I have an XP Pro SP3 system just loaded Office Pro 2010 after uninstalling Office Pro 2000. This was because Outlook 2000 stopped without warning which I discovered was due the 2GB limit which no-one telle you about. Outlook 2010 started up Ok (as does Word etc) but when I bring over the pst file I only get the emails. What happened to my Conacts and Calendar, both of which have great deal of info in them? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I am brain dead with trying things and overlaoded with info, none of which has worked so far. Then I found Spilstick and hence this thread. Thanks.

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I hope I don't totally ruin your day - but you didn't *have* to install Office 2010, although Outlook 2000 is really old. You could have repaired the pst and cleaned it out or made a new pst. You would eventually hit the ANSI limit of 2GB again though, so at least now that's not a worry.

Did you open the old pst in Outlook 2010? Go to Folder list (Ctrl+6) and you should see the calendar and contacts - how many folders do you have and are they empty?


Thanks for the reply. On your first point, you are the first person who has been positive about 'repairing' the Outlook 2000 pst. Ecerything I did at that time resulted in the error message that I had to make it smaller bu using Shift+Delete, which just went round in a circle, never letting me reduce anything. I believe I have a Systen Restore Point which I could go back to. Any comments?

On your second point, I used the Conrtol+6 and could see the structure in the two pst's I have. In the first there are 73 Contacts which I have no idea how they got there, but they do show some similarity with what was my Contacts Folder (all 973 of them). The second pst was empty and in both the Calendar had no 'content' from the OL2000 one. Again, any comments.

Thanks for your time looking at this.

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As long as you can open the pst in Outlook, Shift+Delete will permentely delete the items and it should work as long as you delete enough to get under 1.87 GB. (More if you want to keep using it for mail.) If you can't open the pst in Outlook you need to trim the pst and repair it using scanpst. See http://www.slipstick.com/problems/pst-repair/repair-a-2gb-personal-folders-or-offline-folders-file/

System restore won't help- it only restores programs, not data.

Is one of the pst files the one that you used in Outlook 2000 or did you import it? You want to open it directly using File Open, assuming it will open. If not, you need to repair it using the steps in the url above.


Thanks for your suggestions. The problem is that Shift+Del does not work. It just returns me to the message that says 'ile over 2GB so delete some stuff using Shift+ Delete'and we justgo round in circles. I will try scanpst again and see if it helps. I wil get back to you.
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