modifying outlook 2007 default contact template

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1. outlook has always contained way more info(fields) than i need, can i remove the ones i don't use?

2. one field i wish was included is a "client since" field which would be in date format (mm/dd/yyyy). any way to create this for future new contacts?



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1. You can remove them from the view and may be able to remove them from the form but you can't actually delete them from outlook. If you edit the main contact page you'll lose the image and business card and it reverts to the older contact format.

2. Yes. You can either use the user field or create your own.

If you don't see the Developer ribbon, go to Office icon, options and show the developer ribbon. You'll open a contact form and choose Design this form. The field choose should open - click New to create a new field and drag it to the form.
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