Setting up a Rule for Hotmail using Outlook 2007.

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I have found that setting up a Rule in Outlook to function with Hotmail only works manually. I am assuming this has to do with the nature of Outlook's Hotmail .ost file.

Once the rule has been set up, it does not work unless you go back to Rules and click Run Rules Now... for the Rule in question.

This rather defeats the object of the Rule, of course, which should automatically carry out its task for any mail, as it comes in. It is often quicker manually to move a mail or mails from the Inbox, say, rather than go to Rules and click the Rule which should have performed the same action automatically.

However, a limited range of Rules, which DO work automatically, can be set up directly with the Hotmail server via the Hotmail website. The options however are far less comprehensive than in Outlook.

Does anyone have any views here? The .ost file mirrors exactly the server contents. It is less flexible than a .pst file. However, in Outlook you can make an unlimited number of subfolders within the .ost file, whereas on the Hotmail website there is a restriction (when I last looked - about 120, I think). None the less, the Hotmail server obeys Outlook's .ost subfolder configuration, even when the number of subfolders goes well beyond the website's limit. Could it not therefore also obey Outlook's Rules configuration??

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