Outlook Today Customization not saving in Outlook 2010 32-bit

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Since it's winter time I wanted to change the style of Outlook Today to the "Winter" style from the "Summer" style I have been using since I upgraded to Office 2010. First, the thumbnail for looking at an example of the style on the customization page is a blank box with the usual small box with red "X" in it. Then, I am able to select the "winter" style from the dropdown list and when I click on "save changes" the correct style is displayed. However, if I minimize Outlook to the task bar and then open it again several hours later, it has reverted to the "summer" style. This also happens if I close and restart Outlook. Anyone experience this anomaly and maybe have a solution?

I am using Microsoft Office Professional 2010 32-bit on a Windows 7 64-bit operating sysytem, with Office installed in the Program Files (x86) folder.


Yes, I am the only user of this computer and am the administrator, so I should be in administartor mode but I also went to the Windows Explorer folder location and opened Outlook.exe by right clicking and choosing "Run as Administrator" after reading your post (right clicking the start menu icon did not give me the "Run as Admin" option). It made no difference and still reverted back to the "Summer" style when I closed and re-opened it, no matter how I opened it. I normally open it from an icon I have pinned to the task bar which I pinned from the start menu icon created when I installed Office 2010. None of these icons offer an option to open as admin.


Thanks for the help. However, both the registry entries are already set to the values you posted (CustomURL=outlook4.htm and style=style4) and they stay that way even when I close and reopen Outlook, but the style reverts back to Summer even with the registry keys set as desired. Seems that the registry settings aren't being applied.


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So you're saying the registry shows the correct settings for winter but outlook displays summer? Outlook gets the data from the registry - its not stored anywhere else - so it shouldn't be changing the view willy-nilly while keeping the registry the same.

Do you use registry cleaners or similar tools?

Did you every try displaying a folder home page (right click on root folder, choose Properties, Outlook Today tab), applying it then reenabling it?


I agree with your first paragraph totally but it's doing it anyway; that's why I posted the question in the first place. And I don't understand your last sentence: not sure what folder you are talking about. Are you referring to an Outlook root folder or Windows Explorer folder? I have not found any folders that when I right click and choose Properties do I see an Outlook Today tab so I haven't been able to "apply it then reenable it". I would appreciate a bit more of an explanation of what you are trying to get at. Thanks.

Diane Poremsky

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Thanks Diane for the further explanation. I had seen the Data Files Properties option, clicked it and had seen the Home Page tab, went there as well but didn't know what to do once I was there. I did what you suggested and for now the customization seems to be sticking. I will be keeping an eye on it's behavior and hoping that I don't have to return here for more discussion. Thanks again for the help.
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