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I am new to Outlook, migrated from Palm OS. When I want to add a new contact's phone numbers I see four fields. Clicking on the arrow to the right of the displayed field name gives me 19 options of what I want in that field. I have numerous contacts who have more than one Mobile number. I want to have a field Mobile 2. How can I achieve this either by adding a field Mobile 2 to the Contact list template or by changing the name of one of the other fields, e.g. Telex as I don't have any need for that field. I want this to be a system wide change that will give me the Mobile 2 option on every new Contact and will also let me change the records I imported, not something I have to customize each record with. Also can I show more than four fields and if so how?

Brian Tillman

Your best approach would be to use Mobile for one and Car for the other. I know you cannot add to that list and I don't think you can change the choice names.


Karl Timmermans

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1) You cannot change the field name of any [standard] Outlook field so to get a field named [Mobile2] - would have to be added as a custom field

2) Only way to change the number of phone numbers displayed would be to create a custom form

Here are the most important caveats for you to adding a custom field.

If the field is added to the standard contact form - the only way you're going to be able to update it in Outlook is by going to the " All Fields" collection - could become a tedious process

Whether added as a custom field to the standard form or you create a custom form with custom fields, you will not be able to import/export any custom field data via the Outlook import/export process. If you create a custom form, no contacts added via the Outlook import process will be created using the custom form. Importing/exporting custom data of any kind will require writing your own code or using a 3rd party product - ContactGenie QuickPort being one such possible option -http://www.contactgenie.com/quickport_4_outlook.htm)
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