Folders Dissapear when moving files into it (OUTLOOK 2010)

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Thanks for the help in advanced.

One of the companies we support recently got a copy of Office 2010, only issue is outlook 2010, when the client moves an email to a specific folder, the folder disspears. Closing and openning outlook shows the folder with the current file on it. However creating a new folder (with similar name, example folder2) creates the same result. Problem continues when moving files and same process (close/open) needs to be done to see folders.

Thank you

Ruchi Bisht

What type of e-mail account do you have in Outlook (e.g. POP, IMAP, EXCHANGE etc.)?

Try the steps mentioned below.

1. Click Start->Run (windows key + R key) and type Outlook /cleanviews->click ok.

2. Try to drag and drop the e-mails to any of the subfolders and check.

3. If the above step does not resolve the issue, try creating a new OutlookProfile and check.

Ruchi Bisht


Thanks for the respond, the client is using a POP account. I will try that suggestions and get back to you.
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