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Uising Outlook 2007

I obviuosly hit key(s) on my Keyboard when I was creating a new Email and activated a feature in Outlook. One symbol looks like a capital letter "P" but facing backwards...the open part of the P is totally blackened. It almost looks like the paragraph symbol......the other symbol is a left facing arrow that appears at the end of some lines of text. These symbols appear in both NEW messages I create and when I click on REPLY or Forward, these symbols "Fill-in" thru-out the received message (although the messages contain a lot more of the backward P symbol then the Arrows).

What have I activated? And, How do I turn it OFF?

Brian Tillman

Press Ctrl+Shift+8 on the keyboard or click the Pilchrow mark(¶) on the Paragraph chunk of the Format Text ribbon to toggle formatting marks off or on.
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