Outlook inbox has disappeared and has been replaced by a folder labelled 'ItemProSearch.'

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My Outlook inbox disappeared and has been replaced by a folder labelled "ItemProSearch." What can I do to reverse this?

Additional information--four new folders have inexplicably turned up in my "Documents" folder: archive; archive1; Outlook1; and Backup-(2010-09-21).ipd. Even before that, I seemed to have too many archive folders.

Also, when I add items to my blocked sender list, the sender isn't blocked, and I continue to get junk mail from the same address. Is this related? And, whether or not it's related, how can I fix that?

Ganesh Kumar N

Do you have any Personal Folders Backup add-in installed for outlook?

Check if you have set the option to archive the PST files under tools-> options-> advanced-> under autoarchive click on autoarchive settings-> uncheck "run autoarchive every".

If you have a personal folders backup add-in, uninstall the add-ins from control panel. Then create a new profile and check with the new profile.

Refer the link on how to create a new profile:-


Try to add contacts my blocked sender list with the new profile. Check if the senders are blocked or not.

Ganesh Kumar N
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