Emails from different e-mail accounts are getting downloaded to same file

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I reset 2 email accounts in Outlook after computer crash and when I hit "send/receive," ALL emails from BOTH accounts downloaded into one. How do I separate the two accounts?

Gordon B-P

Then you must have set up both accounts as POP rather than IMAP. Create a second pst file and then create a rule to move messages from one account to the new pst file.

Ruchi Bisht

As mentioned by 'Gordon' Create new Outlook data file and the create a rule to move the e-mail from respective e-mail account to the respective PST file to do this , follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Click on Tools->Rules and Alerts.

2. Click New Rule .

3. Under Start from blank rule.

4. Select Apply Rule on messages I receive.

5. Under conditions step on this computer only and through the specified account.

6. Under step 2 click on specify account and enter the e-mail address of second e-mail account.

7. Click Next and select Move it to specified folder.

8. Under step 2 click specified folder and select the New PST file which you have created.

9. Click finish.

10. Select the Rule and click on Run Rule Now.

Note: The e-mails for the second e-mail account which were already downloaded to the first PST file have to be moved manually to the second personal folder.

Ruchi Bisht
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