How do I get my old emails from my backup drive into Outlook 2010 on my new computer ?

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I can't figure out how to get my backup emails and address book into Outlook 2010 on my new computer running Windows 7. I have my old computer that ran Windows XP backed up to a Seagate external drive. I believe I found the address book on the backup drive in "C:\Documents and Settings\#USERNAME#\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book"

and copied it into a folder on my new computer. I also believe I found the email backup files on the baclup drive in "C:\Documents and Settings\#USERNAME#\Local Settings\Application

Data\Identities\{unique hex string}\Microsoft\Outlook Express" and copied it into a folder on my new computer. BUT, how do I get Outlook 2010 to recognize these files ? I tried FILE==>OPEN but it doesn't recognize the .dbx or .wab and it's really looking for .pst files. I'm at a loss. If anyone could shed light on this I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks !


The import of a single Windows Address Book (e.g. WAB) file should be able to be done in a single step through the import process as in,

How to import addresses from Outlook Express to Outlook

... but to retrieve your old mail items, a two step process may be necessary,

Move from Outlook Express to Outlook on a new computer

With regard to the mail, you need will need the entire folder and not just an Inbox.dbx file.

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