Can I run Outlook 2003 and 2010 on the same machine?

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Ok, I am sure your first questions is "why"? Here is the short story. I just purchased a new laptop loaded with Windows 7 and Office 2010. Loving Outlook 2010 all day long.

Problem is that all my CRM sync only works with Outlook 2003. But the minute I copied my Outlook 2003 files to the new laptop, 2010 read and openned them automotically, leading me to believe that these Outlook files can be shared between the two versions.

So my theory is, that if I can once a day or week, sync my CRM to Outlook on the 2003 version and use 2010 for everything else, my working data will be current.

I am always open to suggestions, but how can I make this work? Thanks.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

No, you can't run them side by side. You could run Outlook 2003 in a Windows XP Mode virtual machine though. Then you copy the files from there to the Windows 7 host so Outlook 2010 can work with them.

Have you talked to your CRM software provider about why they're stuck on such an old version?!

Roady [MVP]

No, that is not possible as only 1 version of Outlook can be installed on a system. Have you checked for updates for your CRM software already?

An option is to use the Click to Run version of Office 2010 instead of the fully installed version. The downside of this is that you cannot use your add-ins with Outlook 2010 at all.

Another option is to use Windows Virtual PC and to install Outlook 2003 in the virtual environment; this will require quite some memory though.

Checking with the CRM vendor for an update would be the best way to go.


The CRM Vendor says they are still 6 months out on testing and releasing compatibility with Outlook 2010. I would save myself hours of work re-keying each week, when the connector is ready.

In the meantime, can you point me to the link to read more on how to setup the Windows Virtual PC on my Windows 7 machine? I will only be running Outlook 2003 in this environment on the odd occasion. My machine is maxed out at 8Gb memory. Hopefully, that will be enough. I guess I will find out when I read up on the virtual PC.
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