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Outlook 2007 with connector hangs when updating GMail account

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by Johnny Alpha, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Johnny Alpha

    Johnny Alpha


    I use OutlookConnector with several hotmail accounts and a gmail account. Up until recently it has been working fine. Suddenly a couple of days ago Outlook started hanging during the startup send/recieve session.

    This happens on both my desktop and my laptop. The Send/recieve status is listed at 80% on both machines every time it hangs, the 3 hotmail accounts have updated. I can click on any of the hotmail inboxes and open the mails.

    I presume the gmail acount is in the process of updating which is giving the incomplete send recieve status. I have left both the PCs for several hours and the status is the same when I come back. Clicking to open the gmail account tree results in outlook going into a not responding state. The only option after that is to shut down outlook from Task Manager.

    Outlook and Connector are both fully updated. There have been no recent updates for either since the last time it was working. I have not changed any settings on my gmail account.

    As this started happening on 2 PCs at the same time and the symptoms are identical I am wondering if Google have changed something in gmail that has broken the compatibility with connector?

    UPDATE: Further checking confirms this is happening at the synchronizing subscribed folders on the gmail account stage of the send/receive process.
  2. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

    Senior Member

    The outlook hotmail connector has nothing to do with gmail - if outlook works as expected with the gmail account removed but fails with it in the profile, the problem is with gmail and the imap protocol.

    Try one of these two things:

    Does it work ok if gmail is the only account in a profile?

    Does it work if you delete the imap pst and let outlook make a new one?
  3. samdsawyer


    I have the exact same symptoms only I have only the gmail account and not the hotmail ones.
  4. Johnny Alpha

    Johnny Alpha


    Thanks for the answers folks. The problem is now solved. It was being caused by AVG 2011.

    In answer to your questions Diane.

    I deleted the gmail account from the profile, removed the imap.pst and then added the gmail account back into the profile. That worked temporarily. On the first day the connection went through fine. On the second day it wouldn't complete first time but when I closed Outlook without doing anything then reopened it again straight away the second attempt went through fine. Then after a few days it went back to freezing every time.

    I saw the same behaviour when I put the gmail account in a separate profile. The hotmail accounts on their own work fine.

    Removing AVG 2011 and reinstalling AVG 9 resolved the problem completely. I've actually switched to MSE now in preference to running an outdated version of AVG. It isn't quite as comprehensive as AVG but for my purposes it seems better and folder synchronisation on the gmail account is much faster.

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