How to customize the To-Do list to show items from only one specific mailbox?

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Joaquim Amado Lopes


I have several mailboxes set up in the same profile, some of the mailboxes mine (where I create tasks and flag email messages for follow-up) and some shared (only need to check them from time to time and don't need - nor want - to see their tasks nor flagged messages).

In My Tasks, when I switch to To-Do List, I see all open tasks and flagged messages from all the mailboxes.

Is it possible to limit the To-Do List to one single mailbox?

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Diane Poremsky

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You need to set up a filter. You can use the "Received Representing Name" or "E-mail Account" field in a filter. Received Representing name field can be used to show only flagged messages sent to you, but allows all tasks. Use Email Account field to shows tasks and flags in one mailbox - but this won't filter out secondary accounts. You can also set up filters to show only items in certain folders.

Joaquim Amado Lopes

Hi, Diane. Thank you for your reply.

Adding "Received Representing Name" to the filter only returned a few messages in different mailboxes (messages sent to me and messages sent to me and to the other mailbox). No tasks.

"E-mail Account" (with the full address or containing only my first name) only returned one message sent to me but that I moved to the mailbox I want to ignore. Didn't return any tasks. (had tried it before)

Tried the "In folder" but it doesn't let me choose any folders, only part of the name, which is a problem because I want to check items (messages and tasks) in different folders with different names. Also task folders have the same name in all mailboxes. Unless I'm doing something wrong.

Is it possible to set the filter "In folder" to a few specific folders inside a specific mailbox? Or, even better, to a specific mailbox (including all subfolders)?

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