Can you/how do you/change the default Calender folder; MobileMe syncing issue

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This is a syncing issue with MobileMe and Outlook 2007; using a .pst file, not Exchange.

With the new MobileMe Calendars, the syncing data is stored in a separate folder/file structure.

Any meeting invites i receive go into the default Calendar folder and are not synced.

Is there a way to change the default Calendar folder so meetings i create and meeting invites i receive go into a different (i.e. MobileMe) Calender folder?



Ruchi Bisht

During the sync the calendar is moving to different folder in your Phone, however the Outlook calendar seems to work fine. So you need to contact phone manufacturer.

Ruchi Bisht


Thanks Ruchi,

I have been in discussions with the MobileMe support, but the solution they provide does not work.

During Apple MobileMe's setup/conversion process, existing entries in the DEFAULT Outook Calendar are MOVED to the new MobileMe Calendar folders (contained in a different file identified in Outlook Datafile management) and DELETED from the DEFAULT OUtlook Calendar file (i.e. in the .pst file).

So any new meeting envites I receive go into my (now empty) Outlook Calendar file, not the new Mobile Me Calendar.

In the solution Apple uses, they created (then move) a child Calendar (a new Calendar in the Calendar folder) added under the DEFAULT Outlook Calendar, however the Child Calendar is NOT the Outlook DEFAULT Calendar either. As long as the DEFAULT Outlook Calendar remains the parent Calendar in the .pst file, I'm without a solution.

My question is, is there a way to change what Outlook considers the DEFAULT calendar from the parent Calendar in the pst file to (1) the Calendar in the MobileMe file or (2) to the child Calendar which perhaps could be moved to MobileMe.




I have got the same problem as Robert.

I have got three calendars in Outlook: Calendar, Work and Private. Only the latter two are synched to MobileMe, whilst the first one remains default within Outlook and all new meeting acceptances appear here.

Robert, can you confirm whether the above solution posted by Ruchi actually works? I don't see why it should make a difference at all and since it is marked an answer by a third party I am sceptical.

Notes for search engines:
Problem synchronizing multiple calendars between Outlook and MobileMe after upgrading to latest version of .


Hello friends:

Im in the same issue with the mobile me service.

All my calendar activity is recorded on the default calendar, but not synced with the "new" calendar under mobile me goverment.

How can we establish the default calendar that new that mobile me created ??


I'm having the same problem and no solution from MobileMe.

I'm getting recommendations from friends to look at Google Sync.

At this point I'm ready to throw my iPhone in the garbage and buy a Windows 7 or Android phone/tablet.

It looks like the solution might be like this:

1) Setup a gmail account with a Calendar

2) Sync all outlook calendars to the GMail Calendar

3) Sync the MobileMe Calendar to the GMail calendar

Ridiculous solution, but i'm going to give it a go.
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