My Calendar appointments are not being saved

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My Calendar appointments are not holding after setting. I enter them, but when I go back to my email message, the events are not recorded.

I click "done" after entering information, but it is not sticking.

Judy Gleeson - MVP Outlook

If you could please explain a bit more clearly whay you are doing, that may be helpful. You haven't explained how the email and the calendar relate to each other in your scenario.

It's not clear to me what you mean when you say you go back to the email message (is that a Meeting Request???) and the "events" (are they Events or is that your personal terminology??) are not recorded.

Also, where's the "done" button you describe?

Regards Judy Gleeson, Canberra, Australia

Ganesh Kumar N

Are you able to save or create a new contact or task?

What type of email account do you use? (e.g., POP, IMAP or exchange)

Which version of outlook do you use?

Ganesh Kumar N
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