Assigned as editor and deleting a meeting planner in outlook 2010

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Hi - in 2007, when I had assigned rights send out planners on some ones behalf, if that person received a planner I would receive a copy and I could delete the one I received without removing it from their Outlook so they could accept it. It would state " Received for John Doe, please respond" . So I would delete it before they accepted and it was never removed from their calendar. It would remain as tentative.

Now with 2010, when I go to delete an unaccepted planner, I receive a pop-up:

Deleting this meeting also removes the meeting from the calendar of John Doe. When deleting a meeting request that hasn't been accepted, the meeting is removed from the calendar."

I get an awful lot of planners for myself so I want to know how I can adjust it so I still get their planner but can delete it before they accept it?

Thanks, AMD

Ezil Vinoth

What type of email account have you configured in Outlook (POP or IMAP or Exchange)?

You may check the following settings in Outlook 2010:

1. Click File > Options > Calendar, under Resource Scheduling, click the Resource Scheduling button.

2. Check the box “Automatically accept meeting requests and remove canceled meetings”.

3. Click OK to save the settings.


Its work so I think its Exchange. Thanks! 2010 is great but there is an awful lot to learn - I find myself clicking all over all of the time.

Take care, Anna Marie
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