Outlook 2010 Error: Not Implementing after updating

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Gail Hallmon

Did my daily updates this morning and then went into Outlook and get a message Not Implemented when I try to send/receive. Also a message that it is updating to 2010 and may take up to 15 minutes. Never completes. I tried repair several times and finally did an uninstall and reinstall - still same thing. I have been running it since July with no problem. Rest of suite is fine. Operating system is Windows XP.

Karl Timmermans

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Not sure what " did my daily updates" refers to but the description of the problem would appear to be indicative of an Outlook addin that is no longer functioning correctly. Would also be beneficial to post the complete error message encountered including anything in the message box title which would perhaps indicate what " it" is in " it is updating to 2010 and may take up to 15 minutes" (i.e. - do you run a sync between Outlook and a mobile device? If yes, the issue would more than likely be with the sync software which has nothing to do with Outlook since it is not involved in the process)

Ezil Vinoth

Check in safe mode:

Hold the Ctrl key and click on Outlook icon and open in safe mode, now check with Outlook. If you are able to work without any issues then it is due to add-ins you were not able to open. Follow the steps below and disable add-ins in Outlook 2010.

1. Open Outlook

2. Click on File> options> Add-ins

3. Click on "GO" beside Manage – COM Add-ins and uncheck the add-ins and click ok.

4. Close and open Outlook and check to open add-ins

If the above step does not fix the issue, create new profile and check.
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