Upcoming Appointments don't show in the To-Do Bar, only holidays. The calendar (from Live Mail) is f

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Richard in VT

As noted in the title, pending appointments for the next few days and which exist in the To-Do Bar calendar do not appear below the calendar, except for Holidays. " Show Appointments" is checked. The calendar comes though a Live Mail account. Thanks for the help.

Guruprasad Ra

Ensure you have set the Windows live calendar as default.

Open Outlook > Click on Calendar > my calendar > choose the appropriate calendar.

Richard in VT

Thank you very much. When in Live Mail (before Outlook) we had our own calendars that overlaid each other. They overlay each other in Outlook as well. Is there a way to combine these with the generic Calendar so that both sets of events are shown in the To-Do Bar? We need to see the events of these two calendars. Thanks again. You have solved the main problem.
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