office 2007 - office outlook has encountered a problem...needs to close

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Every time I attempt to use the most recent .pst file this occurs. I've tried scanpst repair with no success. Starting in safe mode doesn't help. Creating a new profile doesn't help. Scanned the file for viruses/malware and no infections were detected.

The scanpst log is as follows:

**Beginning NDB recovery
**Attempting to open database
**Attempting to validate header
**Attempting to validate AMap
**Attempting to validate BBT
**Attempting to validate NBT
**Attempting to validate BBT refcounts
??BBT entry (13C94C) has different refcount in RBT (9 vs 4)
??BBT entry (13CDB0) has different refcount in RBT (9 vs 4)
??BBT entry (19D4E4) has different refcount in RBT (9 vs 4)
??BBT entry (1A3F0C) has different refcount in RBT (9 vs 4)
??BBT entry (2757658) has different refcount in RBT (9 vs 4)
??BBT entry (363887C) has different refcount in RBT (6 vs 2)
??Couldn't find BBT entry in the RBT (387397C)
??Couldn't find BBT entry in the RBT (3873982)
??BBT entry (38760E8) has different refcount in RBT (6 vs 2)
??Couldn't find BBT entry in the RBT (387E438)
??Couldn't find BBT entry in the RBT (387ECC0)
??Couldn't find BBT entry in the RBT (387F10A)
**Attempting to validate header NID high-water marks

**Beginning PST/OST recovery
**Attempting to recover all top-level objects
**Validiating column set of the GUST
**Attempting to walk all folders
!!Contents Table for 8042, row doesn't match sub-object:
irow = 3433, RowID = 508B04
!!Contents Table for 8042, row doesn't match sub-object:
irow = 3432, RowID = 5089A4
!!Contents Table for 8042, row doesn't match sub-object:
irow = 3431, RowID = 508A04

I really need to preserve the information on this .pst file. Any suggestions?


See if this helps:

Note in particular you should run SCANPST repeatedly until it reports no errors. That can sometimes take 2,3 or more passes.

The Lawyer'

Thanks, . I reran the SCANPST until the errors were vanquished. I also had to disable all ADD-INS and run through all of the COMMAND LINE SWITCHES.

But now my Instant Search keeps crashing outlook. Here's a snippet of my log file:

2010/10/29|05:41:51:078|OnDataChanged returned an error|3|2252580|Add||mapi://{S-1-5-21-57989841-261478967-1417001333-1003}/Personal Folders($42502ce7)/0/Inbox/가가가가같걦골갉골개걝걈겼걮걶갟곞겴곩곂갤걟갢가/at=겥겜각가:forward.dat||||||0x80040d07|FAIL

2010/10/29|05:41:51:078|Won't retry for this error|3||||||||||0x80040d07|FAIL

I've tried the fixmapi with no success. Any suggestions?
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