Common Feed List - RSS not syncing with IE and desktop RSS gadget (maybe because of IE9 Beta?)

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I have set the option for Outlook to sync RSS with the Common Feeds List in Options > Advanced.

However, the RSS feeds that I have in Outlook are not appearing in IE and vice versa. I had a look at the desktop gadget, to see what would appear in that, and it shows the IE feeds.

Does this work for anybody else? Is it broken in Outlook 2010?

I'm actually using the IE9 Beta, so it may be because of that. I would like to verify that this works with IE7/8 before I submit a bug report.

Sachin Shetty

Did you check under the favorites in IE?

Check under favorites in IE and see if the feeds appear.



Of course that is where I was looking. A couple of hours after I posted the question, I found that they had indeed synced, although how long it takes to sync is still a mystery.

Send/Receive in Outlook does not seem to update the Outlook feeds that I have added in IE, but they do seem to appear eventually.

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