How to change the email address of someone in multiple contact groups

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Adrian Dieleman

In my address book I list everyone in the main address window.

Some of these same people are also in multiple contact groups.

How come if I change the email address in the main window it does not change in the contact groups?

Or, to put it another way, is there any way to change the contact information only once instead of having to go to every group?

Gordon B-P

Yes - by using Categories rather than groups. (I presume by "groups" you mean Distribution Lists?)

Russ Valentine

It depends on what you mean by groups and how you created them. If you actually mean Distribution Lists and if you created them by adding members that also reside in your Contacts Folder, then in theory you can use the "Update Now" button in the Distirbution List to propgate any changes you made to that Contact member. I say in theory because "Update Now" usually doesn't work. It will only work if both the Contact and DL reside in the original folder in which they were created. If they've ever been moved from another installation or folder, nothing will happen.

As Gordon points out, DL's are a very weak feature that have largely been abandonded in favor of Categories.

Russ Valentine
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