How do I permanently disable "Suggested Contacts" as well as delete their apparently undeletable "fo

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I just installed Outlook 2010 yesterday, so I have not received too much email yet from people who are not in my contacts. But what I did notice is that when I go to forward or send things to people who are in my contacts list apparently the default is to use " Suggested Contacts" .

1. I cannot even begin to imagine why the " Suggested Contacts" whizbang is even there. For some incomprehensible reason I actually do seem capable of saving someone's email address if I want it. I have no need whatsoever for (a) addresses which are not in my contacts list to be accumulated somewhere and/or (b) those contacts tocome the default when I choose to forward something to someone who IS in my contact list.

2. One of the more arrogantly annoying things that programmers do is assert their prerogatives over users, then make it darn nigh impossible for the user to do anything about it. Such would appear to be the case with " Suggested Contacts" . You can right click on them (in my case there are many), but you cannot " Delete" them. Oh, the delete option is indeed there, just grayed out, not active. This is true whether something is on the " Suggested Contacts" folder or not. Now that is not just mean, that is arrogantly mean with attitude.

3. This has a tendency to cross " the aggravation barrier" , a place from which one rarely returns after crossing. This is the case with me and " Suggested Contacts" . From what I have read, this new feature has many potential benefits I might someday reap considerable advantages from! I think that is just absolutely fantastic! However, bewcause this is now firmly and distantly on the other side of aforementioned " aggravation barrier" , my ultimate question becomes:

I know how to disable them in " Find" , Options" , but this did not get rid of them, and more than anything else I want to do with Outlook 2010 (with the one exception of this moment de-installing Office 2010 because of) is eliminate " Suggested Contacts" , and every potential, possible, ephemeral benefit and advantage thereto forever from my computer. Can this be done and if so, how? If not could you provide detailed instruction on how to minimize to the absolute extreme anything whatsoever to do with " Suggested Contacts" ?

P.S. Let me explain to you something about " user friendliness" . Go ahead, come up with all the intrusive, offensive, poorly documented (yeah, go search for " Suggested Contacts" in help!) and offensive features you want. Make it impossible for the user to even start the program for the first time until they are forced to acknowledge their existence. But also give a little thought to allowing the user to opt in or out. All kinds of people have blogged on this new " feature" espousing the wonders of thousands of new contacts magically appearing in the iPhone address books. Surely you wouldn't even dream about warning someone about that, now would you? Remember, the difference between confidence and arrogance is competence.


It's not all that easy to say " Thanks" here. After reading the article accessed from the link, it does indeed add more information regarding the very features I would very much like to get rid of, but does not provide anything I could detect on how to get rid of or disable them partially or completely.

To quote the Prez. " Let me be clear"

1. I neither want or need any functionality related to " Suggested Contacts"

2. In fact, I find the functionality and intrusiveness of this " feature" offensive.

3. I want to disable it completely or remove it entirely (preferred option).

4. Is there a way to remove the unwanted, personally guaranteed never-to-be-used-no-matter-what " Suggested Contacts" folders?

This reminds me of my purchase 25 years ago of my first BMW motorcycle, a BMW K100, via the Fly-and-Ride program they had overlain to help ensure the successful launch of this first new engine design in 67 years. I had never ridden a BMW before getting off that plane in Munich, July 1985. After riding it around a week in the Alps, they serviced it at the factory and were crating it up to fly it home with me. The very officious BMW tech who was barking orders to the lower techs, snapped around to me and asked me if I had any questions. I said " Yes, how come BMW uses three switches to control left, right and cancel signalling? Everybody else does it all with a single switch."

The little bugger got all stiff, put his face in my face and began jabbing my chest with his index finger as he barked " BMW vill make it dis vay, AND YOU VILL LIKE IT!"

Snapping my heels together, my arm shot out at 45 degrees, I barked back " Heil Hitler!"

I still have and ride that bike.

So is it the same way here? Microsoft vill make it dis vay AND WE VILL LIKE IT? Because I don't and won't. Period. Remember the definition of assume, it makes an A$$ out of U and ME.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Every product, in fact every thing, around us makes certain assumptions and design decisions which are not subject to change by the user. Want your Coca-Cola in a purple can instead of red? You're probably out of luck. Want to insert your DVDs at a 45 degree angle instead of flat? Sorry, no can do. Don't like NFL Network on channel 212 and wish they were on 75? Call DirectTV and complain, but chances are they're not going to move it.

This isn't Mr. Potato-Head (who, by the way, is pretty much always brown, whether you like it or not). Microsoft has to make certain design decisions (like anybody making any product) and those decisions aren't going to please everybody.

" Designing Microsoft Office is like ordering pizza for 400 million people."

If you don't like Suggested Contacts then you can disable it in Find Options. The reality is most users seem to really like it. Certainly most of the users I've deployed Office 2010 for do (at least the ones who've mentioned it at all) do.

And you certainly can delete items from Suggested Contacts. I just did it as a test - worked fine. Delete them all - go into Selected Contacts, press CTRL+A to select all, then press DELETE. If yours isn't letting you then you may have another issue we can address.

You can also remove it from your Outlook Address Book. Right-click Suggested Contacts | Properties | Outlook Address Book and uncheck the box to show it as an address book.

Hope that helps.



Really? You can delete saved addresses in Suggested Contacts as I not only have done but also said I have done? Well, yes, of course. Even I said so.

Now, to the words " Suggested Contacts" append the word " Folders" to make in the process " Suggested Contacts Folders" . Still with me here?

Can " Suggested Contacts Folders" be deleted? The option appears to be present but grayed out (inactive) for empty or populated folders.

Oh, I did uncheck the box where you said, but the " Suggested Contacts Folders" are still there. Please note I did not say they were active, and I did not say that they are still recording incoming addresses, just that they were there.

I do commiserate with the difficulty in designing a product as complex as Outlook or Word (or any other application), but I do suggest that when making these sorts of changes, one might be wise to consider whether or not giving the user the opt in/out possibility might generate " some respect for the user" as opposed to cavalierly forcing the issue.

Case in point: Word Ribbons. The Home ribbon in both Word 2007 and Word 2010 provides a huge amount of space for the styles selections. I have no doubt that in concert with Microsoft's research into users habits, this took center stage resulting in the decision to give them so much ribbon " real estate" . Funny that, only a few of our admin. secretaries even know how to use styles in finalizing a document, not a single one of the scientists, managers and clients I daily interact with use styles, know how to use them, with most not remotely interested in using them. Sure, we can drill down and find things to put on the quick access area up top, but why not allow users to remove and add what they want in the ribbon like Word 2003 top bars and some versions before? That was " respect for the user" , it did once exist, but now it is all about " Ve vill make it dis vay......" Forcing users to " adopt the position" runs the very real risk of alienation.

Brian Tillman

" Suggested Contacts" has been added as one of the default Outlook folders that are always created in the data file you've marked as Default. While you can disable Outlook's use of the folder, you cannot delete the folder using Outlook's own UI. It is marked as undeletable. You probably can force the deletion using a third-party tool like OutlookSpy, but it's not something I'd want to try.


Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

You can't remove the folder. If it's really that intolerable for you I'm sure you can find a copy of Outlook 2007 on eBay. Or Thunderbird 3.1 is pretty nice. (

We can't give users the option to " opt in/opt out" of every single feature. You can't build software ala carte that way. Some features are going to exist even though there may be a few users who don't like them. Sorry. I don't buy into your " respect for the user" argument. We'll just have to agree to disagree on that one I guess.

This isn't really the right forum to discuss Word styles but let me just say that in Word, styles are the proper way to format a document. Especially a document that you expect to share or reuse. If you don't like the layout of the Ribbon then Word 2010 gives you some ability to customize what's displayed or to minimize the Ribbon entirely.

Nobody's forcing you to adopt any position. If you're not happy with how the product operates then there are plenty of other software vendors making products that might be more to your liking. Naturally we'd like to see everybody running Microsoft Office, but as my grandfather once said " We can't all like the same things...otherwise everybody'd be after your grandma."



Well you can delete the folder if you use Outlook Web Access but I've found it doesn't last long - it does return which is a real pain if you have an iphone synched to your Exchange server.
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