Cannot Save Assigned Access Rights To Delegates for Allowing Another User To Manage the Calendar and Contacts

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In Outlook 2007:

1.) Tools > Options > Delegates

2.) Added a Delegate To Assist In Managing Inbox/ Calendar/ Contacts

3.) Granted Permissions

4.) Clicked APPLY > OK

5.) Went back in and (Only The INBOX portion was saved)

6.) Calendar and Contacts Assigned Permission (NOT SAVED)!!!!

** Have Office Pro 2007 Suite with Service Pack 2


I jst wanted to "Thanks" and this was the solution... A Brief description of issue and solution:

1.) Needed to change Designated Delegate (Admin Asst.) from departing personnel to newly hired.

2.) Removed the Previous Delegate, Applied, OK'd, Closed and reopened Outlook

3.) Added the New Delegate and changed the Permissions

4.) Applied, OK'd, Closed and Reopened. (Delegate was Present but only the Inbox Permissions remained)

5.) With INFO: Removed all Delegates (including NT User********) [The NT User**** Was The Problem]

6.) Added the New Delegate (@The Options Section First)

7.) Went to each (Inbox/ Calendar & Contacts) Verified the Change

8.) Changed the Permissions (Inbox/ Calendar/ Contacts), Applied, OK'd, Closed and Reopeed.

9.) Settings Retained Successfully, also Verified on "Delegates Outlook".., Good To Go/ Working Great.

10.) I will pass this on to whomever needs it... Thanks Again and God Bless
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