Calendar shows that no appointments, meetings or reminders were found that need to be moved to the new time zone but there are tons of calendar items

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Original Title: ""No appointments, meetings or reminders were found that need to be moved to the new time zone."" BUT THERE ARE TONS OF CALENDAR ITEMS NEEDED TO BE MOVED!

PLEASE HELP!!! I moved permanently from London to Hong Kong, and I downloaded the Permanent Time Zone Move Tool, followed all the instructions, and clicked ok but it shows: """""No appointments, meetings or reminders were found that need to be moved to the new time zone."""""



I downloaded the office updates for windows 7, but it said that it was not applicable to my laptop's system, possibly because I had updated the laptop to the most recent one using windows updates. I am really confused and don't know what to do...

I brought the office software because I believed that microsoft would solve the problems for us... but microsoft does nothing.....when I was using office 2010 beta, I could send a frown and captured the screen to the microsoft technical team,, but in the genius office 2010 software, the send a frown function disappeared, I don't know how to contact technical assistance, I am pretty disappointed ...

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Send a frown/smile is a feature used in beta testing only. It's not in the released version.

Did you see - How to address time zone changes by using the Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook?

It says: With Outlook 2010, you may not have to run either the client side or Exchange server tool to rebase your calendar. Outlook 2010 has built-in dynamic time zone recalculation functionality so meetings are displayed at the correct time on your calendar. However, if you also use an earlier version Outlook client or a mobile device to view your calendar, you may find the same meeting on your calendar is not displayed correctly because the underlying time zone information in the meeting is incorrect.

It gores on the tell you how to move them manually (open & edit) and to use the tool if you have many appointments.

I'm not sure what is different between outlook 2010 and older versions for appointments (all day events created in 2010 will stick to a date) - but believe the rebaser tool is needed for appointments.

Oh... is London GMT? I've heard there is a bug using the tool with the GMT zone. Also, if you use a Hotmail account with the connector, you also need to change the timezone in the online account.
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