In MS Office 2010 Contacts I need to merge two groups both called "company: None".

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Recently we upgraded to MS Office 2010. The contacts have been pulled in from Windows Live Mail and were automatically put into a 'group' called " Company: None" . (All contacts put under a company name have gone separately into their own groups, named respectively).

Adding a new contact puts it into a separate group by the same name 'Company: None', and I am unable to merge the groups or copy the old ones into the new group. I wish for all contacts to be in the same place. Please tell me this is possible!

Roady [MVP]

You can drag and drop your contacts from one group to the other group to change the propery that you have grouped your contacts by.

You are also free to sort and group your contacts by any other property. You can do so via the View tab.

Robert Sparnaaij



We have changed the view and that does help. But if you wanted it viewed by 'company' to view those contacts that you do have with company's enlisted, then it poses a problem in this view because it's creating two 'Company:None' groups. We think it is related to the way they were pulled from Live Mail. All these old contacts have gone into the initial 'Company:None' group and all new contacts created are put into a second, new group by the same name. It just would be great if under this view, there was a way to merge the two.

And it won't drag and drop from one to the other at all.

Thanks for your advice.
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