Changes to appointment reminder defaults on the File->Options-Calendar are not saved! Bug or feature?

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Outlook 2010, The default reminder is 15 minutes which, for me, is rediculous. I go to File->Options-Calendar and change the dropdown selection from 15 minutes to one week, click OK and the changes are NOT recorded. I am able to un-check the default reminder option, that change is recorded and in effect the next time I try to create an appointment. Then I go back, reset the appointment reminder default check box, change the time again from 15 minutes to 1 week and click OK and ... the change is not recorded. I am hoping this is a bug because ... .


Thank you Diane. I did take a look in my registry as indicated by the slipstick link. I should find "

DWORD: RemindDefault

What I found at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft are only two subordinate hives (I think is the term?) SystemCertificates and Windows. There is no Office\14.0\Outlook\Options\Calendar DWORD: anything.

How do I, or do I at all, try to add the recommended registry key?

Is it better for me to wait for Microsoft to fix this problem? I trust they know about it ...

Thanks again for your help.

Eric Lewis
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