outlook calendar navigation no longer shows the mini-calendars at the top. I used to have three mon

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mare pinta

I have had Outlook 2007 for 2years or so now. Within the last month the little calendars that were always on the left side of the " big" view are gone. I have tried to find them, but have no idea what I did differently to turn them off.

I have tried outlook.exe /resetnavpane ... all this did was get rid of my custom search folders in the mail navigation.

the left navigation column currently shows:


All Calendar Items

My Calendars



Current View

[list of view choices]

how to share calendars

send calendar via email

publish my calendar

add new group

customize current view

-------------I have tried Reset Current View but this applies only to the large center view of the day/week/month

how do it turn on the small calendars again? thanks for your help!

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Do you have one of the calendars selected (the checkboxes next to " Calendar" or " Kids Summer Calendar" )?

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