Re: Outlook meeting reminders and Communicator IM's do not appear on top of other programs.

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El Presidenté

Hello microsoft ...Are you listening?

This issue is a huge problem. I convinced all my partners that Windows 7 would be a huge improvement and well worth the cost. Now I have everyone of them calling for my head. We all use dual monitors and everyone in the Firm is missing conversations and meetings and other reminders. Its causing the whole place become much more ineffecient than we used to be. XP still the better OS based on this major flaw.

John E Bailey

I'm a little confused. I've been using Windows 7 and Outlook 2007 since March and I use two monitors. I have never missed a meeting. My meeting reminders pop up as the top window on my main monitor. Is this an issue with Outlook 2010 rather than Windows 7 or what exactly is the issue here? I've been considering upgrading to Office 2010, but might not if the meeting reminders don't work properly.
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