Re: Outlook meeting reminders and Communicator IM's do not appear on top of other programs.

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El Presidenté

I was also very frustrated with this new reminder behavior, but I believe I found a potential solution. Using the DeskPins application, a small piece of freeware that pins windows to the foreground, I set up an 'Autopin' assigment that automatically pins all reminder windows to the foreground. Here are the steps I followed:

1. Close Outlook

2. Download and install DeskPins from

3. Launch DeskPins

4. Right-click on the DeskPins icon in the taskbar tray and choose 'Options'

5. Click on the 'Autopin' tab

6. Click the 'Add' button

7. I entered 'Reminders' for the Description field, '* Reminder' for the Title field, and '#32770' for the Class field

8. Click on the 'OK' button

When I opened Outlook and set up an appointment with a reminder, the window was automatically 'pinned' to the foreground in front of all other open windows.

Did anyone have any success with this?


Things are much better for me with DeskPins. But I have a slightly different problem - I'm on XP, using PowerPro virtual desktops and had a repeated problem with Microsoft Communicator sessions (dis)appearing underneath other windows.
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