How do I transfer my contacts, calender and tasks from my default outlook .pst file to a windows liv

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I just bought an HD7 and realized it doesn't natively sync with local Outlook 2010 content.

For the last 10 years I've used outlook for my calender, tasks and contact storage and have always had to sync my windows phone or pocketpc as it was called in the day.

In outlook 2010 I installed the outlook connector but I need to know how to migrate my contacts, calender and tasks permanently to the cloud or windows live.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks for the links. However they do not reference OL 2010. I tried to use some basic logic from the article but no such luck. For example. when I go into any of the panes ie Calender, Contacts or Tasks and try to copy my local calender to my windows live calender I get the error message

" You cannot create subfolders in a mail box for web-based accounts"

I hate to rant but I'm already starting to hate my Windows Phone if syncing my data is going to be such a hassle. Thank God I haven't sold my HD2 yet.

Karl Timmermans

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Don't use the products in question but the first link references Outlook's connector which should include O'2010 if using the latest release of Connector - (Step 2) did outline how to move your contacts into Live. Perhaps someone has a better link if these exact steps don't work.

Bottom of page on the second link provided (CompanionLink) includes the following:

Supported versions of Outlook

Outlook 2000 and higher, including the new Outlook 2010 32-bit and 64-bit

Outlook Business Contact Manager 2007 and 2010


Thanks for the feedback i honestly do appreciate it, I've been using office for over 10 years. I'm no expert nor am I naive. The ribbon is the worst thing ever. I can't seem to find stuff; the upper document states click on the outlook connector menu. There are no menu's in OL 2010 only the ribbon. Further more there is no outlook connector menu in OL 2010. In older version of OL like 2003 there is an actual OL connector menu which I recall.

If someone could only point me in the right direction I could probably figure out the rest. It's just frustrating when there's no starting point. when I google/bing I see a lot of people complaining but there aren't any solutions.

Oh well! Thanks anyway.

I only marked the response as answered because the links will help people with 2003 or earlier. I'll repost my question specifically for 2010 hopefully some geek out there will provide specifics.

Karl Timmermans

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Well not going to dispute the issue of things not necessarily being the most intuitive especially when it comes to Connector/Win Live if moving from a prior version of Outlook

For O'2010 - there are 2 downloads/installs required for Connector and Live.

The first is installing Connector itself. Once done.

The second - for Win Live goes like this

- In Outlook - viewing Mail - from Outlook menu - View --People Pane

- From People Pane --> Account Settings --View Social Network Providers

- From Social Network Providers -- download/install provider for Win Live

Once Win Live provider is configured with the appropriate ID and password - contact folder will be present in your default folders list (select folders in nav pane)

Just for the sake of completeness - O'2007 does have a Connector menu accessible from the Outlook menu bar unlike O'2010 which is now accessed via the People Pane.

Hope this helps.

Something I never paid attention to previously but realized as a result of this - you can add user-defined fields or apply custom forms to the contact folder in a Win Live account via Outlook connector just like any other Outlook contact folder. While Outlook import/export doesn't support user-defined fields of any kind - all ContactGenie programs do -


Thanks those directions were excellent and I was able to merge them with the link you sent me earlier. However when I try to copy the local folders ie contacts, calender etc I still keep getting this error " you cannot create sub folders in mail box for web based accounts" ?

Karl Timmermans

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Unless someone else knows something to the contrary - creating sub-folders is a restriction when using the Outlook Connector and as far as I know - also not possible via the web interface (which is not something I use at all). What is possible is creating additional folders under the parent WinLive account (the parent of the WinLive Inbox).

However, if your objective is to copy the " contents" of the folders to the equivalent Live folders - (as opposed to copying the " folder" itself) - then what you need to do is one of the following depending on what your objective is:

Option 1 - Keeping the original contacts in the current default folders and having a copy in the WinLive folder

1) highlight the current default folder (contacts for instance)

2) right click - " copy" folder to same or new PST file - if you do it in the same PST file (i.e. the same folder tree where it's currently located - a new folder called " Contacts1" will be created)

3) Open the " Contacts1" folder

4) highlight all the items in the folder (click on top item - hold shift key and click on last item

5) right click and select " move to folder" (target folder = WinLive folder) - this will result in Contacts1 folder being empty and your original contacts still existing in the default " Contacts" folder

Option 2 - Moving all your items from the default folder to the WinLive folder

- Start with item #3 under option 1 using the original " contacts" folder and follow the remaining steps. Your current default contacts folder will now be empty.

You'll have to determine which account should be set as the default for day-to-day activities since maintaining 2 copies of everything is inevitably going to turn into a mess at some point in time


wow! Thank you; thank you and thank you. If I was in customer service I would have hung up on me a long time ago. Your instruction were amazing. They worked perfectly; I was able to use the instructions from 'option 1' to move my contacts and tasks over to Windows live via the outlook connector.

One final question and then I'm done. I wasn't able to use the same instruction to move/copy my calender.

Thanks again.

Karl Timmermans

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Calendar folders are not my area of expertise in terms of how these interact with different accounts etc so with that said, hopefully someone who has far more experience in that area than I do will chime in if the following is incorrect/incomplete

Difference with the calendar folder was that the " move to other folder" had to be selected from the " Move" option in the ribbon pane since there was no equivalent option when right-clicking.
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