Free/Busy not available after January 1, 2011

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I am attempting to set up a recurring meeting starting in January, but as of January 1, 2011, all the attendees' calendars are showing no free/busy information (i.e., appear as black/white crosshatched). Our company's default is to display 2 months information. I tried putting in some other names, just to check, and almost all had the same problem. The one exception was our IT manager's info - no crosshatching there.

Has anyone seen this before? Is it some kind of bug? I've never run into this problem before, and it's strange to me that it's happening as of the first of the year.



Aha - thanks Diane! That would never have occurred to me; I have always assumed that 2 months actually meant it was publishing 2 months ahead.

Oh well...was trying to get a head start on grabbing a meeting time for January, but I guess I will have to wait until December!


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