How do I view 'All Tasks' in outlook, regardless of the task folder it is in?

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I have a hierarchy of tasks in subfolders like this:-

Tasks (Root)

- Main Folder 1

--- Sub Folder 1

----- Sub Sub Folder 1

--- Sub Folder 2

- Main Folder 2

--- Sub Folder 1

--- Sub Folder 2

I would like to be able to view 'All Tasks' in a single view. I had originally hoped that the root tasks folder would provide this, but I see it doesn't.

I have heard that a solution may be to use the 'Search Folders' function, but I do not know what criteria to use to distinguish between Tasks and any other Outlook item.

Any help appreciated.


(Outlook 2007 in XP)

Roady [MVP]

Use the To-Do List in the Tasks Navigation (CTRL+4). You can create various views if you need to do some additional filtering and sorting.

Robert Sparnaaij



Whilst the To Do Bar is useful, it does not quite give me the functionality I need as it can only be viewed as a bar.

I need the ability to view many tasks with many columns... the To Do Bar is just a little too inconvenient.

Thanks, but any other suggestions?
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