Having trouble with an Outlook Profile. Can I uninstall Outlook 2010 and install it again?

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Bob and Hope

Original Title: My Outlook 10 is in such a mess that I want to know if I can uninstall it and begin again? The only problem is that I have 2 profiles and one of them works perfectly and the other is giving me fits!

Need to either uninstall Outlook 10 or fix 1 of the profiles. The profile that is " broken" : cannot seem to load Address Book from contacts. And, twice I have accidentally deleted all messages trying to import the contacts file. This has been going on for 2 days and I'm so frustrated that I want to know if can just wipe the slate clean and start over?

Karl Timmermans

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Uninstalling/re-installing is not going to change anything so that would be a futile exercise.

Instead of trying to " fix" the non-working profile, why not just create a new one to " replace" the broken one and make sure that the Outlook Address Book service is added to it?

Russ Valentine

To add to Karl's reply, when you create your new profile do not attempt to import any Outlook data. That's probably how you corrupted the address book service in your current profile. If you have an existing Outlook data file (there is no such thing as a " contacts file" ) connect to it using File > Open > Outlook data file...Russ Valentine

Bob and Hope

I finally did it (don't ask me how)... I did do as you said and opened the " Outlook.pst" file via File > Open >... However, when the file " opened" , it was in my " Contacts" but not my Address Book. So, I right-clicked on my file in Contacts (Business Contacts) and went to Properties > Outlook Address Book and clicked on " Show This Folder as an Email Address Book." Now my contacts are in my Address Book but not as it was before. In other words, " Business Contacts" is NOT the default. Each time you want to select an address for email you have to scroll down through a couple of other Contact Files, i.e., Contacts, Suggested Contacts. Is there any way I can make " Business Contacts" the default so it will always be on top?

Also, the same thing when I go to " Contacts." It won't automatically open to " Business Contacts" . It goes to " Contacts" which has nothing in it and I have to scroll to " Business Contacts."

NOTE: This is my husband's computer and he is not very computer literate and I have to make everything as simple as possible for him. I appreciate very much any help you can give me.

Hope Kerrigan

Karl Timmermans

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To change order of contact folders in the AddressBook

- from Outlook menu bar --> Tools --> AddressBook

- from AddressBook menu bar --> Tools --> Options

- in Options screen - change order of your contacts folder to have whatever folder you want to appear first by default

Bob and Hope

Thank you so much. I found it; however it only " fixed" it in the Address Book. When I click on Contacts (Below Mail), the folder " Contacts" always comes up as default even though I moved my " Business Contacts" up to the top. Know how to fix that one? Thanks again.

One other thing (right now)... why do deleted items and drafts always go into the Outlook Data File by default instead of my Email Account?

Karl Timmermans

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Re: default " contacts" folder order in Nvigation Pane

Right click " Business Contacts" folder --> select Move Up or Move Down in list as required

Re: Drafts / Deleted items

Goes into the default information store (ergo - PST file, default Mailbox account) defined for the profile when working with things such as new mail items or drafts). Every information store has a <deleted items> folder but only those that have been designated as being for a <default mailbox account> at one point in time or another (where your inbox is located and mail is recieved) will have a <drafts> folder.

Note: once a PST file has been created and desginated as the default for the profile (i.e. the Inbox where mail is going to be recieved) - you cannot rename or delete those default folders whether or not the PST file in question is currently the default for the profile. From your original description - you are using 2 profiles each with its own default PST file and each of those have their own set of " default folders" which as mentioned - cannot be renamed.

Bob and Hope

" Re: default " contacts" folder order in Nvigation Pane

Right click " Business Contacts" folder --> select Move Up or Move Down in list as required"


Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough in my post above, but I have already done that (moved " Business Contacts" folder to top)

However, when you click on " Contacts" , what comes up initially is " Contacts -- Outlook Data File" which has no contacts in it. It is also 2nd in the list (right below " Business Contacts" ).

I'm trying to get his Business Contacts to come up by default when he clicks on " Contacts" and even though I have moved them to the top... still not coming up unless I click on them.

Karl Timmermans

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Hopefully someone else will chime in if the following is incorrect and I'll gladly stand corrected.

Re: Behaviour of clicking on " Contacts" group in Nav Pane

- When Outlook is first started - the contacts folder that opens up will be
the " default contact" folder for the profile in use.

- While Outlook is open, the last contact folder in the list that was clicked in
that list will be the one to open as you switch between Nav pane groups
(i.e. Mail, Contacts etc)

- The default contact folder will NOT be listed in the group as " Contact In PST
file" - it will simply be listed as " Contacts" . Any folder shown as
" Contacts in <InfoStore> (PST file in your case)" indicates that this is a folder
coming from a secondary PST file. Contact folders listed that are in the
<default> store will not be followed by " in ???????"

- Don't know of any way to " force" a specific folder to be the one to open when
clicking on the contacts group but that could simply be my lack of awareness

Re: General observation/comment

Seems you are trying to have the " Business Contacts" folder (a secondary folder) act as the default for primary activities. If <Business Contacts> are the primary focus - would it not make more sense to save all " Business Contacts" in the primary contact folder and save all other contacts in a secondary folder (i.e. <Personal Contacts>)? Since don't know the background to the what or why of intended setup - consider this simply as a rhetorical question.

Bob and Hope

OMG &ndash; how I wish I had Outlook 7 back. Even though I can deal with the eccentricities of Outlook 10 &ndash; my husband can"t. He is 78 years old and is having some memory problems and this entire ordeal is driving us both crazy!

Your general observation/comment is correct but let me give you a bit of background.

Hubby has been working with Outlook 7 for a couple of years now and everything was running smoothly. I had him set up with two profiles&mdash;one for personal and one for business. His address books/contacts were separated and he was a happy camper. When Outlook 10 came out, Microsoft promoted the fact that NOW you could have several emails together on one profile. Even though you could &ldquo;kinda&rdquo; do it with previous versions, it didn"t always work correctly and it wasn"t supported by Microsoft.

Thinking that it would be easier for him to have both his email accounts together on one profile, I purchased Outlook 10 for him. BIG MISTAKE! He just couldn"t handle his addresses for both accounts being together on one address book. I tried to explain to him how it works and that it was no big deal but he just couldn"t get it. So, I built two contact folders&mdash;one for business and one for personal. He couldn"t handle that either and he was begging for Outlook 7 back. I would have done that but somebody told me that you couldn"t go backwards and that I would have even more problems. Trying to deal with what I had, I went back and separated his accounts once again into two profiles.

What I need to do now based upon what you said, is to move the &ldquo;Personal Contacts&rdquo; folder entries into the default &ldquo;Contacts&rdquo; folder and same with his Business. I tried to do that but I guess I don"t know how. Help??

One other (major) thing&hellip; you"ve heard that before, huh? On this [*#$&*(#] Outlook 10, when you move your mouse (just for a second) it causes the window that you were viewing to disappear. It"s really still there but to get it back is a task. I can do it &ndash; he can"t! This one truly is driving him crazy. I just want to go back to the stone age and write with flint. Is there any kind of correction that we can make to stop this silly &ldquo;improvement?&rdquo;

Thank you so very much and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Russ Valentine

There has been very little change in any of this in Outlook 2010 so there is no reason to try to go back. You can still create two profiles in Outlook 2010 so it will be configured the same way Outlook 2007 was. Moreover Outlook 2007 supported having more than one mail account in one profile. You could separate the data for each account just by creating separate folders. The only thing Outlook 2010 added was the ability to use an entirely separate data file for each account, but there is usually very little reason to do so.

So why not just create separate profiles like you did before if that's what he's used to?

Russ Valentine

Karl Timmermans

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Re: Correction to previous post

Respose to item related to Contact group folder list regarding " Folder - In Folder" was incorrect for O'2010 - applied to O'2007

----------------------Re: Going back to O'2007 from O'2010

There may or may not be issues but for what it's worth - have done it several times with no consequences on different systems - simply uninstalled O'2010 and installed. The caveat to this is that none of these installations used " any" new features that were specific to O'2010 which may impact existing profiles. Others may provide info as to what other <potential> problems there may be. If you did revert to O'2007 you may need to recreate your profiles. There are certainly situations where maintaining the " status quo" is the justifiable optimal choice - this certainly sounds like it may be one of those. Have been involved with more than one upgrade scenario where the <cost of the upgrade learning curve> far exceeded any benefits - just wasn't worth it for anyone involved.

However, if your husband does not have any issues dealing with the O'2010 UI then you can accomplish the same thing in O'2010 that you can in O'2007 using the same feature set with some minor differences in menu options etc.

-----------------------Re: Moving contacts

If you are going to go this route then the actual steps depend on whether it's being done from O'2010 or O'2007

Common to both is the following:

Open the contact folder you want to move the contacts <FROM>. Highlight the first contact in the list - hold shift key and highlight the last contact in the folder.

If in O'2010

- right click --> select <move>

- from <move> sub-menu --> select to <other folder> --> then select target folder

If in O'2007

- right click --> select <move to folder> --> then select target folder

-------------------Re: Disappearing windows

Not something I've ever encountered with O'2010 so have no suggestions. Hopefully someone else may some insight into this particular issue

-------------------All the best in your endeavours.
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