Can I customize OL2010 month view calendar to be more legible; skip confusing colors and show more a

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I'm using Outlook 2010 via Win 7. I'm used to OL2000 that had a month view calendar that was much more legible and useful. The selected date was obvious.It didn't have all these colors that make OL2010 illegible. It also showed a number of appointments rather than just two that I see in OL2010.

Is there a way to customize OL2010 to be more useful and look like what I'm used to?


Roady [MVP]

You can change the background color to another color which would give you a higher contrast to the marked Today field. You can do this on the View tab.

In addition, you can expand the Month button and change the detail level.

If you are using categories on your calendar items, then you can set these category colors to white.

Robert Sparnaaij

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