Critical problem - cannot edit my own meeting

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I recently tried to get Google Calendar sync working to be able to see my Exchange/Outlook calendar on Google Calendar. It worked ok but I just realized that *some* of my meetings have been modified very badly.

I have since uninstalled the sync program, but I am looking for help in how to restore my calendar. Here is what is happening - I can see my meetings but it (my email address at work) as the organizer and yet, the only actions I can take are respond to the meeting. So it behaves like I am the meeting invitee and not the organizer even though in " Meeting Organizer" it shows my work email address. In addition, I see that it added my gmail address as an invitee.

Is there a way to undo this issue? Is there a way to rectify existing meetings? Can an administrator do that? If admin can do it, I can request my IT to fix it for me.


try to create an new profile and checl.

Make sure you have uninstalled the sync program and its settings


No, it can't be fixed by you or the administrator.

So what do I do? I can't even cancel those meetings :-(

Strangely enough, I am able to edit the meeting from my iPad!
Not open for further replies.
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