Unable to open attachments in Outlook 2010.

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Initially had the same problem with Outlook 2003, found the Article ID: 320835 and this fixed the issue. Can't seem to locate any articles to clear this issue up in Outlook 2010.

When I attempt to open a document it ask me to open or save. If I open, it points to my C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. If I try to save it, I receive the message 'Outlook cannot save the file. Path does not exist. Verify the path is correct.

Ezil Vinoth

Does this happen with any specific attachment or all attachments?

Are you trying to save in any specific location?

Did you try to save in any other location and check?

If the issue happens only with Office application attachments, repair Office 2010 from control panel> Add\Remove programs and check.
Also check the article below, might be helpful.

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