constant Cannot Perform The Requested Operation error clicking Contacts at bottom of Contacts

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When I use my Outlook Contacts, I am constantly getting an error box when I click on the Contacts names at the bottom of my Contacts that I have associated with other Contacts. The box says: Cannot Perform The Requested Operation.

I am so sick of seeing this. I don't know what I did or am doing that now causes this to happen. I did need to reinstall my PST file recently after reloading Office 2003. Also, I use cCleaner to clean my machine daily at login. I am the only user of this home pc - the only login, the only admin and the only actual user.

If I click the Contacts button at the bottom of a contact and then find the same Contact and click Apply, it becomes clickable. Now if I double click one of those Contacts and double click another Contact at the bottom of that Contact when it now opens, I get that same silly message.

If I click Show Help when this error box pops up, it tells me that You have most likely attempted to view the calendar for a user who has one or more of the following issues: 1. Is not part of your domain 2. Is not listed in the LDAP 3. Is not a member of your Exchange Server 4. Has not granted you the necessary permissions to view their calendar To avoid this error message, use the Open Calendar command only if the attendee is using Exchange Server. ... If they are not part of your network, it is very likely you cannot gain access to their calendar. (clickable link>) More information about this error message online. If clicked, this is what you get:

Product:OfficeID:10075Source:OfficeErrorMessagesVersion:11.0Message:Links to additional information about the error message you saw are available below. Currently there are no Office Assistance articles available for this error message.

I have over 1000 Contacts in my Outlook, so manually fixing all of them is not a pretty option.

If I manually go thru and find each of those Contacts at the bottom of each Contact and click Apply for each, then it stores it and it will open that other Contact if clicked - now and even after Saving, Closing and re-opening a Contact. But only for the ones that I manually fixed.

What is going on and is the an easy fix?

Russ Valentine

That means you broke all links in your data file. The most common cause for that is migrating your data incorrectly, like using "Import" for moving your data. Did you? How did you "reinstall" your PST file?Russ Valentine


Thanks for your help.

I am new to this and not too sure on how to answer your question. I think that I went to File > Open > Outlook Data File, and it opened it on a seperate line below my Personal Folder. The I clicked Contacts and hilited all of the Contacts and dragged them into my Contacts folder for my Personal Folder. I had to learn first how to have my Outlook display those folders (to view Contacts, Calendar, Notes & Tasks, click View > Navigation Pane (which might be marked), then click Go > Folder List and it will display those items that I wanted to find in the folder list below. Now they appeared and I was able to move them in groups over to the Contacts, Calendar, Notes & Tasks in the main Personal Folder that is already open.

Is there any way to fix this mess in bulk? Or do I need to deal with each one individually in the future?

Karl Timmermans

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Unfortunately - the answer is "no" to a "bulk fix"

The techno mumbo jumbo reason is as follows:

Contacts at the bottom of a detail page are stored in what's called the "Links Collection" which in simple terms - points to specific contact items identified by their unique <Entry ID & Store ID> (StoreID references the PST file itself). The EntryID for an item is Outlook's unique identifier for any given type of item.

When you move contacts that are referenced by any <links Collection) to another PST file - both the EntryID and StoreID for those contact items get changed so when you click on a contact in the list (link collection) - the original reference cannot be found - ergo - the error you're encountering. That's why when you manually find the correct contact and apply it - the correct info is once again stored in the associated <Links Collection> and the error disappears.

Had these contacts been <moved> to a different folder in the same PST file (InfoStore) then the information in the <Links Collection> would have remained in tact since the EntryID for the items would not have changed.

That's also why if items are exported, deleted, and then re-imported - a new EntryID is assigned to the imported item nullifying any references that may exist in any existing Links Collection. Same holds true if a contact folder is moved in its entirely to another PST file - references to any contact items within the moved folder from a links collection will be broken.



wow! Thanks for thinking about my issue and giving me this info. I really appreciate it.

I guess the solution for me for now is to just individually deal with it for any Contact that I want to fix to make it be linked correctly in the future.
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