Merging SharePoint and user calendars or automating meetings

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i have a user called Meting room, where our secretary summons meetings. she uses Outlook 2010.

what i'm trying to do is: when she summons a meeting via the meeting room user, the summons and meeting times will be reflected automatically in a SharePoint calendar. no drag and drop, everything must be automatic (like a rule maybe)

any ideas?


Diane Poremsky

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Is the sharepoint calendar mail enabled? If so, you might be able to invite it. (I haven't tried inviting a sps calendar). Has she tried creating the meeting on the sharepoint calendar linked to Outlook and inviting the others?

You can't use a rule because rules only work on mail. You could use VBA to move or copy it - or she can use the Copy to folder command. There is no automatic feature in either outlook or sharepoint that will copy the appointments.
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