MFCMAPI.EXE not working

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I'm trying to remove a bad reminder entry in Outlook. The reminder happened a long time ago but keeps reminding me and when I try to delete it it says can't and something about the start date being before the end date. Anyway, I found out how to delete it and have used it to take care of a few other users as well. All accept one user worked. When I login to MFCMAPI, select his mailbox and choose " Open Store" I don't get the " root container" I get " Root - Mailbox" and therefore no reminders. Actually if I go into that store I found reminders under " Finder" but that doesn't do anything. What am I doing wrong?

Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
Is he using cached mode? With cached mode you'll get Root-Mailbox - online and pst files use Root container. Going to Finders, Reminders - then opening the contents table and deleting the bad reminders should work, but because they are in the local store, they need to sync to the mailbox. You may need to delete them from the mailbox directly, using a non-cached profile.



That is very interesting. It does explain that I'm not seeing things! It could very well be that he's using a PST as he's a remote user and isn't local to the office. Even so I've configured everybody to use Cached Exchange mode by default so maybe he set himself up. Anyway, he's had more than enough time to sync so it should have fixed itself no? Maybe a wipe of the profile will take care of it.


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