Outlook Calendar items disappear - Both the Opened Shared Calendar items and my calendar items

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I am Running Exchange 2007 on a Windows 2008 Box. There are about 40 users that connect to this Excahnge box via Outlook 2007. I have several Users that have opened Shared Calendars at all times, however one of these users seem to keep having issues with their calendar items disappearing thru out the day and the only fix is to completely close out of outlook and reopen it to allow outlook to pull the information back in from the Exchange Server.

This user on average has three different instances of Oultook open. She has an outlook window for her Calendar items, an outlook window open for her email, and an outlook window open for her contacts. She also usually has about 10-15 email messages opened that she is working on thru out the day. Several times a day her calendar items would just disappear. All the shared Calendars and her personal calendar are still open, but all the items in the calendars are would go missing. And they would disappear as soon as she moused over a calendar item on any calendar. To bring them back she just needs to close one of the shared calendars (any shared Calendar). But once she mouses back over a calendar item, they would all disapear again. She can get all the calendar items to show again by opeing back up the shared calendar she just closed, or closing another shared calendar. However, this loop will just keep happening once Outlook has already started having this problem. The only true fix is completly closing out all her Outlook windows and Emails that she has been working on and reopen Outlook again.

This problem is very random. She can go up to 3 days working the same way without a problem, or she could get this problem every couple of hours. We have build out a new machine with Fresh installs and Fresh Profiles. Again, there are about 10 Users that use their Outlook the same way with no problems. this seems to be specific to her Mailbox and only began when we Installed Outlook 2007. This problem did not occur while running Outlook 2003.

Machine Specs:

Processor: 2x Intel Xeion 5140 OS Win XP x86 SP3 RAM: 3 GB Antivirus: Symantec Endpoint: Only Virus/Spam Protection installed

Event Viewer of Machine:

Operation Failed Event ID 27 Faulting Application outlook.exe, version 12.0.6539.5000, Stamp 4c12489d, faulting module wwlib.dll, version 12.0.6545.5000, stamp 4c653fe2, debug? 0, fault address 0x00e75c67. Event ID 1000ID: 6, Application Name: Microsoft Office Outlook, Application Version: 12.0.6539.5000, Microsoft Office Version: 12.0.6425.1000. This session lasted 19949 seconds with 5940 seconds of active time. This session ended with a crash. Event ID 7001

Exchange Server Specs:

VMware Processor: 4x Intel Xeion X5650 OS Windows Server 2008 SP 2 RAM: 16 GB Antivirus Symantec Enpoint Protection: Only Virus/spam Scanner are installed Intel PRO/1000 MT Network Connection
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