Problem importing emails from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010

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I have a new computer running Outlook 2010. I exported emails from my old computer (Outlook 2003) to a flash drive and them imported them on the new computer running Outlook 2010. Only some of the emails were imported i.e. the folder in Outlook 2010 had only some of the emails not all of them. Can anyone tell me how to import so that all of the emails show up in my new computer? Thanks.

Gordon B-P

You don't. Neither do you export from the old.

Unless you connected on your old computer to an Exchange server there was NO NEED to export at all. Your Outlook data was ALREADY in a pst file, which a modicum of research would have told you.

You have probably corrupted the pst file that you exported to, and it's highly likely that you have corrupted the mail profile you imported to.

Create a new Outlook mail profile on your new computer, then go here to see how to CORRECTLY migrate your Outlook data.
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