Exporting the Notes field from Outlook Contacts to Excel

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Madeline May

I am using Excel to make changes to my contacts by exporting them and then importing back into Outlook once the changes have been made. I am running into an issue with the " Notes" field in my contacts. The character length that exports into Excel seems limited. Is there a way to export the entire Notes field into Excel (some even contain logos)? Or would another file version, such as Access, work better? Any advice would help!

Karl Timmermans

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account
Notes <Text> file export specs (none export images or linked files of any kind - this does not include formatting which would require the field to be exported in RTF / HTML format etc using some other export process):

CSV file type - full text

MS Access - full text (exported as a memo field - max length 64K)

MS Excel - 256 characters

If you want to use Excel - recommendation would be to always export to a CSV file and then open that file in Excel instead of exporting to an .xls file. That way you avoid any Excel related idiosyncracies (there are a few). If you import the data back - save as a CSV file or make very sure that the " named range" is adjusted accordingly if you've added records etc.
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