Problems syncing Hotmail Connector

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I am having a terrible time trying to sync the Outlook Calendar to my new WinPhone and I cant get Hotmail connector to let me add mu Live account.

First of all I cant believe WinPhone7 cant synce calendar and contacts to Outlook without Exchange. This is a HUGE mistake in my opinion and I may have to go back to my iPhone if I cant get this to work. Hey this is Micorosft, these products should work together and this is really really basics stuff.

So first I had to go through the whole process of restoring Import/Export to the File menu. That only to 2 hours to find a solution.

I was able to upload contacts but I got an error when I tried to export the entire calendar. So I exported the next 30 days and importede into my Hotmail/Live account and it appears in live but is not updating the phone calendar (even though I am getting alerts in hotmail for calendar events)

The Outlook Hotmail connecter was installed a while ago with my verizon email address, but it wont let me add a new account - when I select this nothing happens. When I uninstalled and reinstalled the progrem I get the prompt with the verizon email address but its grayed out and I have no way of changing it.

Please help! Why is it that Apple can do this so easily but Microsoft's phone can't even sync with its own software????

We really like the phone but this could kill it for us!
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