With my PC, running on operating system Vista SP2, I cannot synchronise Microsoft Notes (Outlook 2003 SP3) with my iphone 3GS

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I can sync everything else, i.e. contacts, email, calendar, no problem, but notes will not sync.

I-Tunes is configured to sync notes - and when I do a sync, I get the message "notes syncing" but no results.

Any help much appreciated.


Karl Timmermans

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Sync settings and requirements are set by the sync software in use (iTunes) which controls all sync activity. Outlook plays no active role in the sync process.

You will likely get a better response from the appropriate Apple support forumhttp://discussions.apple.com - be sure to include all relevant info regarding version numbers - whether using Exchange etc

You may also find the 4th response in this thread of interest which indicated a solution for what sounds like the identical problem (assuming you are using the same version of the software since there were many complaints of things not working after an iTunes update)

3.0 Notes Not Syncing With Outlook Notes on PC




Hello Karl,

I tried your suggestion regarding the similar problem - 4th thread reference, but as I am running Outlook with a POP3 Hotmail Account I do not see the Cached Mode option.

I tried the fix anyway - but nothing. It is just as if the Outlook Notes cannot see I.Phone notes, however e.mail, contacts and calendars work fine.

I shall log it on the apple forums site as you suggested.

Many thanks for your help


Karl Timmermans

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
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While the following sound like it's a "nit", it really isn't. For the sake of clarity and correctness -

It's not a case of Outlook not being able to see iPhone Notes since Outlook has nothing to do with the sync process and as such is not a player. It's a matter of the sync software in use not doing what you're looking to accomplish and that is something that the vendor of the given sync software in use would be best to address.

Also, as an aside, on more than one occasion, people have stated that when dealing with Apple related issues, they were advised that the issue is "Outlook related". Should you run across that, do be sure to extract exactly "why is it an Outlook problem and what exactly is the issue that prevents the sync software from functioning as expected." If those questions can't be answered, then the reality is that the cause of the problem is "unknown" (at least to whomever makes the statement). Even if there is something that ultimately needs to be done in or to Outlook - it is encumbent on the provider of the software to provide the necessary information (that applies to all 3rd party products interacting with Outlook).

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