Where is my Outlook Calendar

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Benny S

I have been using an Outlook calendar, I believe ... the date file is a .ics A few weeks ago I had a major problem with computer. It went in for an overhaul. It was an operating system problem ... Windows 7 was installed replacing Vista.

I have been trying for some 10+ hours to find the calendar I used previously. Where is Outlook? Didn't it come with the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 software? If so, then why can't I find it on that CD?

So, How do I get the Outlook calendar up and running with a shortcut on my desktop?

Russ Valentine

Office Home and Student does not include Outlook. Moreover, Outlook does not use an ICS file for its calendar. Unless you are running against Exchange server, all Outlook data resides in a single file with a PST extention.Russ Valentine
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