Daily Task List, set to show tasks on Due Date fails to display tasks.



I regularly have tasks that fail to show up in the Daily Task List that, as far as I can tell, should show up. For example: Today is the 15th. My Daily Task List is set to " Show tasks on: Due Date" . I go to my Tasks View and find a task that has a due date of the 15th, yet it doesn't show up on the Daily Task List (in the Calendar view). If I go edit the task and I can get it to recognize that it should be there, but I'm not actually changing any information.

This only happens with tasks that have been created in the past (i.e. I created a task on the 14th with a due date of the 15th. On the 14th, it's on the calendar for the 15th, but on the 15th it disappears).

Thanks in advance for any help!

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