Outlook 2007 Ultimate Slow after December Update

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Last night, I ran the regular December updates. After rebooting, I noticed right away that Outlook 2007 is running incredibly slow. Simply by clicking between folders with stored e-mail in them takes several seconds between selections. I was using Outlook minutes before the update, and it was working normally. I guess what I want to know is if others are seeing this problem crop up after running this update, and which do I need to remove to correct this issue.

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Ezil Vinoth

Check in application safe:

Hold the Ctrl key and click on Outlook to open in safe mode, if Outlook works fine in Safe mode, disable add-ins and check with Outlook.

If the above does not help, create new profile for Outlook and configure the email account and verify the status.

Check the article below, might be helpful.



Precisely the same issue here.

Safe mode does not improve, add-ins not applicable to issue.

My guess is that the update has unfavorably altered something.


I noticed the same problem today. I uninstalled Outlook Connector first, which took care of most of the lag. After reading this post I uninstalled the KB2412171 update, which totally fixed it. This makes me wonder if the problem has something to do with Outlook Connector.

My thanks to Ben Schorr for providing an answer that worked for me. I hit the wrong link to "Propose as Answer." If a moderator can remove my post as being the answer, I would appreciate it.

Nick Davies


Thank you I have been struggling over the last few days trying to fix teh problem by disabling add-ins and deleting old messages to no effect. You solution worked first time. You would have thought Microsoft should have tested their upgrades more effectivly before rolling them out.

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