How do I move between fields/columns in Outlook Task To-Do List view using arrow keys?

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I just got a new laptop from my employer. With the old one, I could move from column to column (left and right) in my Outlook Task To-Do list view using the arrow keys. In other words, while a given task was selected, I could move from column to column (e.g., from priority flag to subject to due date), back and forth from left to right, using the left and right arrow keys. The new laptop is set up to move from task to task (up and down) when when I use the left and right arrow keys. Is there a way to change this so it operates like my old laptop did? The laptops are identical relative to both hardware and software, including the OS.

Thank you!

Diane Poremsky

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Are you sure you had Outlook 2007 on the old laptop? Or were doing this in the To-do list?

Here, the actual Tasks list works as expected - with the arrows going left/right but the To-do list (which is basically a search folder for all flagged items), it moves up and down, not left and right. The to-do works the same in both the Tasks navigation pane or the To-do bar pane. It doesn't appear that any thing in the view settings affects it (unless i missed something.)

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