Error message "Cannot save free/busy information" when changing or deleting appointments in Outlook.

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I have read much about how to fix the problem in Outlook with the error message " Cannot save free/busy information," but have not been able to fix this problem on my computer. Is there a genuine solution for this problem that actually works in fixing this problem so the error message doesn't appear? I know that one suggestion was to uncheck using the cache mode for exchange, but this is not an acceptable solution. If there is a true fix I would appreciate any help I could get. Thanks!!


I am using Outlook 2007. I have tried a number of different suggestions found on various help forums. Here are some of them:

You can fix this problem with the MAPI Editor Tool (the tool formerly known as MFCMapi). You will need to create an Outlook profile for the mailbox you want to repair:

1. Choose Session and Logon and Display Store Table

2. Choose the Outlook profile you created

3. Double click the Instance that starts with “Mailbox -”

4. Expand Root – Mailbox

5. Click on IPM_SUBTREE

6. In the right window, if there is a property name of PR_FREEBUSY_ENTRYIDS, right click on it and choose Delete Property (if it exists here…it may not)


8. Click on Inbox

9. In the right window, if there is a property name of PR_FREEBUSY_ENTRYIDS, right click on it and choose Delete Property

10. Exit out of MAPI Editor.

11. Rerun /cleanfreebusy on the mailbox.

I tried all the suggestions listed here. Some would work, but the problem would come back.

I finally solved the issue for us by deleting the local files (.ost, etc.) in the

“C:\Documents and settings\Mike\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook” folder.

I did this because, after unchecking Cached Mode, the problem went away until I clicked on an entry a second time

I have been through all of these solutions and non of them worked. i thought I would KISS it! Keep it simple silly!

Create a 2nd calendar

copy everything from the original calendar to the 2nd calendar

then delete everything from the 1st calendar

then copy everything from the 2nd to the 1st and delete the 2nd. BAM! Amazing. I am pretty sure it deleted the corrupted files relevent to the error messages.

Hope it works for you!

You might try to open outlook with the /cleanfreebusy switch.

Start->Run->outlook.exe /cleanfreebusy

If that does not work, you can make sure work on your calendar in your

mailbox on the server, not from your local PST file.

Sometimes the changes actually saved but the reminder would still pop up. In

that case, you can simply start outlook with the /cleanreminders switch.

Start->run->outlook.exe /cleanreminders

If both not working, you may need to create a new user profile, or move your

calendar from your local mailbox to the server mailbox.
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