Adding Multiple POP 3 Email Accounts like Gmail, Yahoo Mail To My Hotmail Account

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I established a new Hotmail Account, but I would like to add previous accounts that I've set-up for Gmail, Yahoo Mail to my new Hotmail Account so that I can check all my accounts in one place. As it is now, I have to open Hotmail, then go to Yahoo Mail and then go to Gmail. I've read the instructions, but I'm not sure where to find thePOP3 Server Name,POP3 User Name and POP3 Password. I'm sure that it's fairly easy, but could someoneplease help me with this...

You can advise me hear, or send me a email at

Thank youo

Gordon B-P

Server information for GMail is found by clicking on the Settings link in GMail.

Yahoo is in more or less the same place but you can't use a free in a mail client.

Yiu did try LOOKING in the Help sections of both GMail and Yahoo?
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